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Sobek 40

B-1001 calmly asks a runner to leave.

This a Thule list that I brought to the Netbrummers Startup Tournament and piloted to a 3-0 corp finish. My runner deck was Reina and went 1-1-1, leaving me with a 2nd place finish overall.

Game 1 was against a Deep Dive Sable. Taxing ice early denied them a lot of tempo, and a number of unlucky Identify your Mark rolls on a 3 ice thick R&D was quite unfortunate for my opponent. Classic purple glacier stuff gets the win.

Game 2 was against a spicy Femme Fatale Mercury list. I had played against it at a meetup on the previous week and knew that my out was chucking as much ice as i could on centrals and denying Security Testing credits as much as I could. I scored out a first agenda Salvo Testing, and then my opponent saw two Stegodon's off a last click multiaccess on R&D, leaving them with an unmanageable amount of core damage and letting me score 0/2 Ontologicals.

Game 3 vs Arissana was an absolute slugfest. A draw into spin doctor turn 1 saves one of the worst mulligans I've ever had, but my slow start meant my opponent could set up most of her board before I could get going. A lucky score on a naked install Stegodon set me up for my combo, but I had about 7 turns in a row of not seeing a single agenda to get to the necessary threat 3. I had to put 5 ice on R&D to keep my opponent out, and eventually managed to draw into my agendas for the win in this 55 minute grindfest.

Shoutout to milk_geologist for their Startup Operating Procedures list, the core of which I used with a few minor adjustments. I swapped some Cybersand Harvesters and Nightmare Archives for an extra Magnet, x2 Bran 1.0 and Manegarm Skunkworks.

The spicy combo in the deck is both pretty funny and surprisingly effective.

Step 1: Get two remotes. One is protected by Funhouse and Ablative Barrier, the other has B-1001 inside it. You can ice the B-1001 server if wanted, but it's not necessary.

Step 2: Have scored a Stegodon MK IV. Multiple Stegos are helpful against persistent runners but not strictly necessary. Also, have threat 3 be online.

Step 3: Enjoy your unbreakable remote. If the runner runs your agenda, rez funhouse and then use B-1001 to end the run. Remember not to rez ablative on this first run. The runner will go trash your B-1001, and if they return to your remote, we now rez Ablative to recur our copy of B-1001. We have Stegodon to then derez Ablative, allowing us to pull the whole thing off again.

Hush can shutdown Ablative and Funhouse. In this case, have a magnet on the remote to pull the Hush over, which you can derez with Stegodon to re-use as needed. And of course, we still lose on centrals against strong multiaccess.

Vovo is the best guy, the greatest guy. And Skunkworks is good in glacier. News at 11.

I ended up floating influence for this list. Slots are hard, and nothing jumped out to me as strictly necessary. A future list probably features some number of Simulation Resets are flood insurance and to help dig for our combo pieces.