Moonlight (2nd at Katowice Regionals)

MrHuds0n 1189

I took 2nd place in Katowice regionals with this deck, finishing up 4-1 (dropping one game to Matuszczak) in Swiss and then 1-1 in the top 4 against Matuszczak's famous stealth Andromeda. There were 18 people in the tournament.

As opposed to other variants of Moon HB, which focus on closing out the game through Lakshmi or Caprice, this one only scores through Biotic Labour. It accomplished that pretty well throughout all the games, including a sneaky double biotic-Jeeves food from hand in the last game against Matuszczak which advanced me to the last game against Jander.

Admittedly this deck was not very thoroughly tested before the tournament, especially because I had considered like 6 different options and eventually decided to go with the most annoying and powerful deck in the meta right now.

Changes I'd do after the discussion with Matuszczak and Jander after the tournament:

-3 Successful Field Test +3 ABT
-2 Shipment from MirrorMorph +1 Biotic +1 Friends
-1 Team Sponsorship +1 Jeeves

Highlight of the day: On the last game I was so tired I thought the ice protecting my HQ was a Fairchild 3.0 and I needed the money so I decided not to rez it while Matuszczak sniped 2 Vitruvius out of my hand. Turns out the ice was a Vanilla.