Boa Constrictor v2 (3rd @ OTG)

sebastiank 249

Slightly embarrassed to publish this list as sokka and rongydoge tore it apart in the winners and losers finals, but I wanted to publish my runner thus I must publish this for symmetry's sake. The deck is similar to what I played at worlds 2021, which did well but lost hard to Steve Cambridge and aumakua. I did some things to counter aumakua in this version, but on the day it ended up being too weak overrall, or at least too weak against the tuned MaxX decks I faced (My MaxX winrate yesterday was 1 win/239 MaxX cards). Later, rongydoge and sokka told me that my ice was just too weak overall, both in quality and quantity, for me to really trouble them, but with an ice suite overhaul and more tuning the deck might have some legs. It'll be curious to see what midnight sun gives us to work with.

21 Jul 2022 GreatDismal

Thanks for posting, negative results are still results!