Heartbeat Hoshiko | 2-1 (4th) Spokane CO

jfoley 204

I piloted this list to 4th at the Spokane circuit opener and was pretty happy with the results.

Two spicy additions to an otherwise reg anarch list:

1) Heartbeat - really great tech v. core damage HB and PE, both of which I anticipated seeing. Along w/ Bankhar, bin breakers, fake money, and Twinning, it synergizes pretty nicely 2) Divide and Conquer - this was the MVP on the day, closing both wins and the only move keeping me in the one game I lost. Twinning counters work on breach of both HQ and RnD and seeing 3 in HQ and 3 in RnD.

Lots of interesting influence choices to make beyond the 2x Heartbeat. Nuka was a game day decision, which I was generally happy with but you'll notice (as I did after rounds were over - oops) that I shorted myself 2 inf.

Other iterations of the list cut the Nuka's in favor of tech like Pinhole, NFL, and/or Deuces, and Harbinger. Cezve has also been a Wake Implant and a Basilar.

Rounds 1 and 2 were against Azmari lists. In the first, we both took our time getting setup before face-checked a Hydra on RnD. Second time around we had Bankhar/Heartbeat and 4 credits on a Paladin to free install 2 MKUltras and trash'em to get in for only 1 actual net damage - Twinning landed a Bellona and Tomorrow's Headline. After getting econ warfared and HHN'd, I started turn w/ 7c and couldn't clear the tags, so I needed to find the Boom or an agenda to close - Divide and Conquer to the rescue. Fully loaded Twinning snipes both the winning agenda and the Boom from HQ.

Round 2 Azmari went similarly, although they got off to a quicker start - seamless launching two scored before I could get a quality run in. Bankhar saved the day, cheaply sliding by a Tollbooth in a triple iced Bellona server. After equalizing, Divide and Conquer went into another took down another ICE-less archives for a big dig to win.

Round 3 was against the Outfit, where we didnt find Paperclip until it was too late against a board full of 3x border control and 2x Bulwark. By the time I could contest, Regulatory capture was online and Audacitied Atlas' and Hostile Takeovers had done their job. Too slow.

I'd play this again in a....heartbeat.

15 Apr 2023 Tinweazel

The twinning fires off of breaching HQ or R&D. With Divide and Conquer you only breach archives, then merely access a card from the other two centrals.

Are you certain about that interaction?

15 Apr 2023 Anzekay

@Tinweazel With the changes to Breach/Access, there's been a reword for Divide and Conquer where it causes you to specifically Breach HQ and R&D, rather than the old 'access' wording. It's functionally identical to how it always used to work, as far as I know, it's just updated wording to flow properly with all new cards.

15 Apr 2023 jfoley

@Tinweazel ^^ yup that errata'd text is what prompted me to try slotting it w/ Twinning