They keep slipping (1st at B-COM 2020)

Longi 1899

argus feeling The feeling when playing against Argus

This is the latest iteration of Argus deck that I have been in love with for some time. It is teched against Boomerangs and it helped @Mildesorte to stop the Huns and thus win the Hungarian Nationals. The previous version helped me to win the Slavic Nationals by making other players slip.

Since the meta did not change much since Hungarian Nationals, @Mildesorte and I decided to take the deck for another spin, this time to lovely Barcelona. Only change we considered was the inclusion of two False Leads. But unlike @Nerco we do not love killing that much so we decided to keep Armed Intimidation in, rush to victory and land some incidental kills on the slippery slope. We also re-evaluated the abundancy of money cards and decided to keep it untouched. We need to rush to victory. Clicking on credits or waiting for money cards to show up when we need to jam agendas slows the deck down. The fork decision for runner must remain...either he plays careful but slow game and watches the corp score out or he plays daring game and risks slipping...

The deck went 4:1 in the swiss defeating Valencia, Khumalo, Kit and 419 and 2:0 in the cut defeating 419 and Adam. The only loss came from Hayley that was navigated flawlessly by @reinamorada. You can watch that game on Saturday´s stream (2nd round). Also both cut games were streamed.

Finally, I would like to say one thing. Winning the tournament was amazing but experiencing the whole event was priceless. Big thanks to all participants for making it such a blast and even bigger thanks to organisers for making it happen. @Mar, @Vesper, @Caesar and @Jakuza, you guys were terrific and you have outdone yourself. Thanks for what you do for the NR community and for keeping this wonderful game alive!

11 Mar 2020 Saan

Grats on your win! BCOM looked awesome, it's a shame I couldn't come this year.

11 Mar 2020 yluras

Thank you for coming, Longi! Keep terrorizing those runners and being awesome!

11 Mar 2020 Longi

Cheers! I do not know about being awesome but I will definitely keep making the runner slip :D

11 Mar 2020 Longi

@Saan Thank you. The event was superb! Make sure you come next year, it is worth it;)

@yluras Cheers! I do not know about being awesome but I will definitely keep making the runner slip :D