A rock and a hard place (2nd Portland Regionals)

Radiant 283

Here is my runner deck.

This is the deck that took me to 2nd place at Portland Regionals. It's more or less the Argus list that everyone knows and it served me very well, ultimately losing in the bracket reset of Grand Finals due to a very talented opponent and a starting hand that I really, really should have mulliganed. It went 3-2 on the day, beating Apex, Maxx, and Maxx, and losing twice to Maxx (the final three MaxXs being the 1st place finisher, Bailey).

I had an amazing time at the event! It was run very smoothly and my opponents were nothing short of wonderful. Shout-outs to the Seattle Thursday crew for helping me practice, especially Chris, Justin, and Tyler, without whom I'd never have made it this far.

24 Aug 2019 CowboyTintin

This deck was a fearsome thing, Sam! Really made for a brain-burning game as runner. I played different flavors of Weyland rush decks a lot a few years ago and could just never get them to work (except for occasionally GRNDL, but even then it was sketchy). I was super impressed with how well this deck worked. Mad props!