Corporate Geist

Johnny Polite 387

I brought this deck to Canadian Nationals this weekend, and it carried me to 14/52 after not dropping a game all day (unfortunately my corp deck was only 2-5). I think this is pretty standard, things that might stand out are the HQI instead of legwork and the shaper bird and croc. I really like HQI, it motivates you to run Hq when you have nothing better to do. The bird and croc could potentially be swapped for the source, but I like them. Finally, Reflection should be Forger, but I forgot it behind. IIRC, wins were against Argus, PU, Titan, Azmari, and I can't recall the last one (I really should take notes when I play in long tournaments, I'd like to credit my opponents who were great dudes but I'm terrible at remembering names). The PU game was a timed win where I was at six but couldn't find the winning agenda. Corporate Grant is really strong, and the games where it went up early were certainly the ones that went best for me.