Mighty Morphing Power Counters (Wu Tube 20.11)

Baa Ram Wu 1694

Based on: Anyone Else Just Notice MCA Is Still Legal by stongoose

Watch this get played on stream here!

Changes to strongoose's Uk Nats Deck:

Minus Send a Messages, Plus Ikawahs and Offworlds. Ikawah is a great defensive agenda right now, and very hard to steal when combined with Bran 1.0, MIC, Ansel, and MCA Austerity Policy

(Send a message also not super relevent, as ice count is fairly low, and often will mostly be rezzed.)

Agenda suite to 21 Points with 3x Ikawahs to lead to the smoothest possible scoring plan of 2x 2 pointers into 1x Ikawah. Audacity include means that 1x 2 pointer into an Ikawah and finishing with an audacitied 3/2 is also an option vs Criminal/Non Simulchip Anarch.

+3 Greasing the Palm - an amazing mirror morph card, allowing more options for gaining MM clicks in the early game, and FA options with Bass.

We've also cut the regoliths for a single copy of NGO front (with greasing the Palm to make up the missing economy.)

Ice - +2 MIC - This card is overperforming, and is especially good in this deck. +1 Ansel 1.0 - a good card, especially if we are are able to force the runner into it with only 2 clicks.

-3 Gatekeeper, -1 Ablative. both cards which are situationally good but pretty rubbish after the turn they are rezzed.

22 Nov 2023 strongoose

Love your changes! I concur on Ikawah (although I've just switched to 3 Ikawah 1 SAM).

The Gatekeeper thing is interesting, I was also a bit dubious about the include initially (the deck relies a lot on taxing ice and as you said it's pretty bad after rez) but it's so good for pushing out an early Rashida or Luminal, and it punishes runners for waiting until you're on two MCA counters to trash.

I did like Greasing too, and desperately wanted 3 of that and 3 Red Level, but just couldn't make the slots worse. How have you found 12 ice? I think I was on 13 for the longest time and found it a bit sparse. The draw does help to be fair.

The other card I've added in recent iterations is Sprint - good as a one-off I think, I belive my latest list just cuts out the Regolith asset slot for one.

22 Nov 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Hey @strongoose- Glad you like them!

The Gatekeeper Debate (Debatekeeeper?) is a tough one, I did play one game with a couple of gatekeepers and they felt ok - but I bascially trashed them after they had been rezzed - although didn't mind that too much, as a gate keeper in the bin actually makes Bran's first sub very relevent.... so still TBC on that.

I think gatekeeper and Magnet are somewhere interchangable depending on Meta calls - I really like to keep 3x MIC though - that ice is V good

I have found 12 ice to certainly feel sparse at times, HOWEVER the deck is currently undefeated (on Jnet *tm) with a record of 10 games, so maybe it's fine.

I think cutting the Bass and maybe 1 calvin is probably the way forward if looking for a couple more slots for ice.