It´s a PD Deck - 9th at Worlds 2023

Cahuita 647

The deck has only lost 2 games, one against lostgeek's Esa deck on day 2 and one in the cut against DeeR's Sable deck.

As you can see there is no fancy stuff, the deck runs very stable against most of the runners... you just do your PD stuff and most of the time that's enough.

My favorite card here is definitely Ablative Barrier. You can actually always get something back that you just URGENTLY need. Ideally you have it in front of RnD or HQ, but even if you have to put it in front of the remote server for some reason, you will be able to do something useful with it.

Barcelona was fantastic, I had great, scary and super nice opponents:) Thanks to everyone who organized, played, streamed and helped to make this event possible.

Very special thanks to gegenzeit for all the decktesting before Worlds.

19 Oct 2023 Cpt_nice

PD still a good deck, who would have thought... Congrats on your placement!

19 Oct 2023 davz131

Playing against you was a blast, congrats on the finish!