Noise RA Levy MWL 1.2

Ayanami 25

Hey guys, as requested here's the list for Perth Regionals. Any questions, fire away.

6 Jul 2017 Coloursis

Hay Ayanami

How can I track offline Netrunner events.

I'm new and would like to compete against real person.

6 Jul 2017 Ayanami

Hey Coloursis :D Try searching Facebook for a group in your local area. There's also

What is your local area?

7 Jul 2017 RubbishyUsername

I love the Run Amok. Very classy. How was the Aaron Marron?

8 Jul 2017 Ayanami

Yeah Run Amok's great. Either they don't play around it and you get an early agenda, or you buy time to set up. You do faceplant sometimes into some rough ice, but that's the fun part :D

Marron's a nice side benefit, but not essential, in most games. You really have to dig for it though against NBN. To the point where I'll play Inject x 3 in a turn if I have to, or SoT Inject. Once he's out, you have to keep him alive. If he gets MCA's, Pawn him then Deja Vu. He's a must have in those match ups,

11 Jul 2017 DoomJester

A very interesting list, there's some Noise staples (Cache and Pawnshop) and some heresies (no Wyldcakes!). I do have a few questions: Can you outline the game plan? Do you find the peddlers hit too many events? How often do you run - given the expense of the conspiracy breakers? Lastly, how did it perform and are there any changes you'd want to make?

11 Jul 2017 Ayanami

Hehe, yeah no Wyldcakes. Influence is tight and Wyldcakes makes for a longer set up. Though I do miss the clickless draw and the inevitability it gives you once it's up and running for long enough.

Game plan differs wildly on the deck you're facing. Against most decks, get your ability to threaten a remote up ASAP. Run Amok and Inject do the heavy lifting here. Once you're set up, if they're trying to score, steal them. If they're not trying to score, agendas will be piling up somewhere, probably HQ. You're milling whilst all this is going on so that will add to the pressure.

Key takeaway: don't just automatically go into mindless milling mode off the bat. I think it will lose you more games than it will win you, at least with this deck.

It's rare that a Peddler hits three events. If it hits two it doesn't matter, you can only install one card off it anyway. If hits three, well it's just Aesop fodder then. But the Corp doesn't know if it holds a Parasite, Imp, Clot, your missing conspiracy breaker or any other number of fun cards, so feel free to keep it around if you can pawn other stuff (as a FA player said to me on the day, "It's always a Clot").

It runs more often than you think, but the runs have to be damaging, as has always been the case with Noise. Don't run centrals recklessly unless it's cheap or there's a high prospect of reward (e.g. you think it's flush with agendas or you have an Imp/Medium/Nerve Agent installed, though this particular list doesn't run the multi access viruses). That includes Archives; I see lots of Noise players run there every time there's more than 2 face downs in there, which seems like a waste of clicks to me.

It performed quite well on the day as I won the event. One loss on the day to Moon (close game, great play by the Corp), otherwise it beat Blue Sun, Sync/Boom, Sync/Boom, Moon, Sync/Boom.

Possible changes are varied and I oscillate between a few lists. This is just the one I went with on the day. Can play around with Levy, E Strike, Scheherazade and some of the draw package to make room for Wyldcakes, Tropes (a substandard but influence-free Levy), another Marron, change the virus ratios (Clots, Parasites, Datasuckers, Imps etc), throw some multi access in the form of some Mediums/Nerve Agent, etc. It's pretty flexible depending on how you want to play and the meta you're in.

11 Jul 2017 Ayanami

BTW, it was a much better deck before MWL attempted to nerf Whizzard and kicked Noise in the teeth at the same time.

11 Jul 2017 Fitzban

How you do against Aglnfusion?

11 Jul 2017 Ayanami

I've had no issues against AgInfusion so far, but that's only online. I haven't played one locally yet. Rezzed ice powers AgInfusion's ability since deflecting you to unrezzed ice doesn't do much other than wasting one of your clicks and trashing one of their ice. Play accordingly: abuse Parasites and Run Amok. Imp through any open R&D or HQ with a view to trashing whatever you find. If your mills, your cards and their ability is trashing their ice, they'll be under a bit of pressure.

If you find E Strike hold onto it for when they try to score something.

11 Jul 2017 Ayanami

Apologies, I should clarify: whilst unrezzed ice literally powers AgInfusion's ability, in that unrezzed ice has to be trashed to fire it, if there are no rezzed ice to bounce you to the ability loses its teeth. It even gives you free accesses if the server you're bounced to only has 1 ice.