Where's my booster?! [Throwback]

lukevanryn 159

This is the deck I took to NBKelly's Throwback tournament on the weekend. As Omicron infections explode here in Australia, I was grateful for the opportunity to stay in and play cards online with friends. Check out Ginevra's stream for some of the replays!

The deck is largely an update of AnalyzeChris's Pro-Vax Val, which chose to put the spotlight on Inject. Inject was great on the day, giving 'more everything': more cards, more money, and more breakers in the bin. During the games, it was very freeing to use Zer0 a lot and just play the cards I drew. It helped that I drew the singleton Apocalypse in all three games.

A lot of the talk around Throwback format focuses on Breaking News, so I made sure to bring a few No-One Homes as insurance. As it turned out, no-one played it!

The games were all really fun, especially chatting live with each of my opponents over Discord.

A note on Throwback format

The format is a pretty intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. Throwback allows you to play (and face) cards from the entire cardpool, which can lead to some intense analysis-paralysis when deckbuilding. Fear of all the possible threats can lead to spiralling wildly around the cardpool, or staying home altogether. But a much less stressful approach (if perhaps less likely to result in WIN) is to just play a card that you want to play: perhaps it wasn't good on release, or you never got to play it, or the current card pool allows a cool exploit.

I'd encourage anyone interested to take Rikki-Tikki-Tavi's advice: 'run and find out'!