Pokey Things Hurt 2.0

Koschei 140

I modified a few things from the Pokey Things Hurt deck to make it more efficient...

I swapped some of the ice around to make it more reliable, and more nasty mind games for the opponent in Otoroshi. In response to the stream for the Lazy Worm event, Otoroshi was questioned. I put it in so it could fire on Sting! and Obokata Protocol when the runner can't steal it (After passing Data Loop or suffering a House of Knives fire). Sometimes it's just a bluff :P

I transferred the money from Government Subsidy to Hansei Review.

I added Spin Doctors and a Global Food Initiative to hamper the runner's ability to steal.

Bio Vaults were swapped to Anoetic Voids. I hadn't done this change before because I wanted the versatility of stopping a run with Georgia on any server, but The King made me change it. I actually like the change... don't tell him.