Andy and the Drippy Keyhole

whiskeymancer 17

This deck has an incredible amount of pressure due to the Eater and Keyhole/Siphon synergy.

Breakers: The two primary ways that people are playing around Keyhole are Crisium Grid and Swordsman. Overmind will get you in to trash the Crisium, and Mimic gets you past Swordsman. Femme is there for Wraparound/Tollbooth or any other high-strength low subroutine ICE. E3 Feedback Implants make Bioroids really sad.

Your economy comes from the 6 drip econ cards in the deck as well as Siphon. The Hostages will get you the three Connections quickly and easily, and The Supplier will get you all your drip econ for 0 or 1 credit.