Controlling Absolutely Nothing (London GNK 19/03/19)

Tamijo 100

This is the deck I threw together on the Friday night before the event because I hadn't managed to actually come up with anything, and hadn't got the cards together to play any of the decks I thought were actually good. (A deck I hope to be proudly uploading after Euros called "STILL BORING".)

No Resistor was something that came up on Slack, and I was looking for slots so figured I'd try it out. Resistor is a frustrating piece of Ice, and it rezzing for zero early can really help hold centrals. It is definitely still good. The deck is a mess, and I played it due to factors beyond my control.

R1: Vs Kenny on Wu. (Not Au WuVoir) He messed about for a bit not doing much and setting up a bit of an economy engine. He eventually got going and was pulling in five credits a turn pretty consistently from Rezeki and Daily Casts. He then started to look like contesting my remotes, so he ran a face-down Bankers, looked at my eighteen-ish Credits and decided that ship had sailed. The following turn I scored a GFI and that put me on 6 points, ready to Exchange for lethal should I find the opportunity to do so. I eventually did, but kind of forgot how points worked, and nearly missed it.

R2: Vs Sergio on Reg 419 This was a frustrating game, where we had 17 minutes to left and I had the ability to go for some scores, but needed to find Agendas. We hadn't played that many turns, and between his Crowdfundings and Class Act, each of his turns was taking a good three to four minutes to resolve. I ended up overdrawing trying to get to six points before time was called, and when I did, he ran the bin where there was now obviously a GFI. If I was allowed to play the game properly I'm convinced I would've won, but I had to play the tournament not the game. :/

R3: Vs Steff on Jesminder. I don't remember this too well, but he didn't managed to get too much money too early in this game which should've left me an opening, but I was struggling for resources, and my hand at one point was 2 HHN, Exchange, Closed, SEA. Sometimes it just kind of doesn't come together.

R4: Vs Sam on Apoc Val. Got Apoc'd twice. I felt super rushed this game, and should've taken the time to slow down and think about everything that was happening. We forgot about the AR-Enhanced Security tags from Apoc both times, and then only realised when he Wanton Destruction'd me. I also ripped a Boom off a click to draw and slammed it on the table, only to realise I was on 3 credits. He promptly cleared the tags and that was sort of it for that angle. (In my Runner game I also forgot to use my Bad Pub on the first turn, which cost me a click, so I hadn't fully learned my lesson.)

Overall 1-3, which isn't surprising given the fact I wanted to play basically anything else on the day.