Kind of Blue (2nd at Waco SC - Undefeated)

errantmage 336

Inside Jobbing the Remote

When you're about to Inside Job a remote with no rezzed ice and the corp only has 6 credits.

I took this deck of 'good blue stuff' along with an Outfit deck to Waco's The Game Closet SC and managed to win every game with it. The tournament was ostensibly Eternal, but the TO clarified it was to allow the Waco scene to bring old decks they love, not high-end degeneracy, so the Austin cohort brought (mostly) Standard stuff and we had a great day! I came in second because I ID'd with the two people who rode in the car with me, but this deck didn't drop any games all day, including the casual games we played in those slots.

Card Choices and Game Plan

It's sort of become a meme in the local meta that I build wrong decks, doing things things like slotting 2x of breakers and slapping an RDI into 419 (thanks @miek for that). You generally play it like other good blue stuff, though, clicking for cards, recurring Crowdfunding, spinning up TTW counters, and using Inside Job to crack the scoring remote until you win. The 2x Modded help installing Amina against HB without giving up a scoring window, and with Aumakua, Bukhgalter, and Paragon all free with Modded they're seldom dead.


Round 1 vs Robert on an MWL 2.2 Palana deck with some sort of asset game plan: I got RDI down early and sniped 5 points, then used Baklan to afford to get into the remote twice to steal an Obokata (after bouncing out from a Batty).

Round 2 vs Peter on Fast Asa: We ID'd, then we played a casual match where I took the game through a lucky Embezzle to snipe a Biotic out of HQ and a lot of standard crim pressure.

Round 3 vs Brandon on Fast Asa: We ID'd, then played a casual match where this won through a combination of general good crim stuff (including turn 1 Doof).

Round 4 vs a Waco person whose name I didn't catch on an Eternal Jackson/Jinja EtF list: PAD Tap made the whole situation pretty interesting, where his install would fire, he'd make a credit, I'd make a credit, then he would spend his credit to prevent me from getting a turtle counter. I survived a number of cheeky CVS fires and managed to scrounge up enough points between R&D pressure and slamming the remote.

Result: After the 4 rounds of Swiss with no real desire from the top 4 for a cut (being Sunday and all), the TO called it, and I came in second overall due to IDs and SOS.


Shoutout to @KingFaraday for organizing the whole tournament and @branimated for driving us all to Waco! Also @Backslash for already having a bye! And last, Miles Davis for making excellent music.