Hurricane Whizz (ACT Regionals Top 8)

Inactivist 405

You know this. This is Whizzard. So by the numbers:

Won all three of the games it played (one ID), then dropped to a monster 3 Crisium ETF build in the cut.

Good against CI, Skorpios, has about as much game against Mooninites as you could hope for, the real hot tech is ducking Sync pairings.

Run Amok was one of those "last minute breakfast" additions but ended up doing some great work in a couple games I might have had no business winning. It's expensive and probably a whole lot less effective without the surprise factor.

Apocalypse could probably easily be a third Siphon but it was a handy security blanket for the fear of lockout. Only fired once on the day and probably could have gotten by without it.

Queen's Gambit was a crucial include in the cut as it allowed me to force advancements onto a GFI I was locked out of and hence end my own suffering.

14 Jun 2017 clercqie

Rumor Mill seems a good replacement for the Apoc.

Also, I really prefer Liberated over Day Job, so reversing the numbers on that might be good.

Congrats on the good placement!

14 Jun 2017 Inactivist

Agreed on the Liberated. I'd have done so night before the tournament but didn't pack them in my spares for some silly reason.

I wasn't as wowed by Rumor Mill as I thought I'd be in testing, given the meta I was expecting. It's still a strong option, and likely broadly better than the Apoc, but I'm preferring Siphon 3 so far for the better starts.

Thanks for the feedback!

15 Jun 2017 oldman

Run Amok really is a gem. The whizz deck I currently run has 2x Run Amok and 2xEn Passant, because now you're losing that ice either way