CI7 Cookbook example deck (Update 1st place undefeated ChCh)

triorph 902

So after writing a bunch of articles on how to play CI7 and how to play against CI7 I thought I would put my money where my mouth was and take it to the Christchurch Regionals. 1st place and undefeated.

I know right?

Runner deck was here

Don't know how this deck works? Check out the handy articles. The idea is to score 7 points in one turn.

I played against Reina, Kit, Apex and Andromeda in swiss, and then again against Andromeda and Apex in the cut. Was super lucky to not place against any of the players who were actually packing anti-CI7 hate, so mostly it was just drawing until I had the base-combo and then executing it.

8 Aug 2016 leburgan

Do you feel like you're going to need more currents when rumor mill hits?

8 Aug 2016 triorph

Hard to say. Employee strike was already a problem and we had the ELP put in because of it. Both can be turned off with a BL into agenda, and RM only hurts you on the power turn while employee strike hurts you the entire time that you set up. That said, it seems that both options are going to be more prevalent than clot, so it is likely that Cyberdex Trial isn't really needed anymore. The question is whether to slot another current or go back to a 2nd restructure.

9 Aug 2016 leburgan

Cutting CVS makes some matchups worse than noise, and it is still a card in spycams/other shaper. I'd be interested in seeing how big off an impact rumor mill really is.

9 Aug 2016 triorph

Yep. I'm definitely not suggesting cutting the CVS. The thing is this deck has both CVS and Cyberdex Trial (CT) to help with having to do a triple-purge on the combo turn (to combo through clot + clone chip + sacrificial construct). The deck can actually still combo through this with only 1 CVS, so the CT is just there to make it easier. CVS is still absolutely needed to deal with clot, which is still prevalent, however both CVS and CT is not needed and is overkill.

If you look at the top-tier decks at gencon, you'll see most of their anti-CI7 hate is in the setup phase with cards like Account Siphon, Vamp and Employee Strike. I think most Spycam Hayley builds are cutting the SacCon also (or at least.. the one I took to this regionals definitely did), meaning that dealing with this triple-purge threat is even rarer than usual. The CT is probably unneeded in the current meta, but I'm still unsure whether an extra current or more money is the best replacement.

9 Aug 2016 bloth

I want to hear about the Apex that made the cut at a Regionals...

9 Aug 2016 triorph

Haha. It played against 2 Argus, which is actually an okay match-up for Apex. Haarpsichord was strong enough to get the rest of the way. Was out of the ashes + exclusive party + chop bot style Apex.