Fixie Anarch Hate

Guv_bubbs 1

We played a bit of a differant where corp and runner had to share big boxes & datapacks.

I went with C&C, Double Time and lotus Field

I took inspiration for choosing Lotus Jackson came from @MattyJWest.

As he said it... "The plan was quite simple: hope that no-one could resist the lure of that sweet Anarch breaker set in Core so they'd look confused and then sad when I rezzed Lotus Field. Then also hope that people forgot to include something to boost Yog by 1."

It worked really well on the day and I came second. Heaps of people pulled out last min so we had half as many players and only played 3 rounds.

Not sure what I would change. Maybe swap a bastion for wall of static to fight against atman sucker.