Weirdo CtM (1st Place Victory Point Cafe SC, 7-0)

Joseki 2560

I got 3rd place at the last SC I attended with a different CtM deck which you can fine here:

I was pretty satisfied with this deck, and in general, thought it was pretty close to an optimal list. That was kind of a dumb thought - one of the strengths of CtM is how flexible the deckbuilding can be with it, and how tunable it is to what you expect to face.

I like this list a lot against Shapers, and it's mostly the same against comrades Val. I think Hedge Fund tends to have an edge there, but it's not too much different than playing a few more money assets overall.

If anyone has questions let me know! :D

22 Jan 2018 brightknight216

Just curious. How do you deal with link-centric Kim and Sunny with Security Nexus and Power Tap?