CritHitd20 5226


Step 1: Charge your Earthrise by poking R&D and "charge" your SMC'd turtle by poking everywhere else. Corp will need to slow down a hair to ice everything since they were greedy and didn't spend inf on Mavirus.

Step 2: BOAT. Now you get into servers for free while getting turtle counters. It doesn't take that many runs to offset boat's cost. Get free charges with Jak Sinclair by pretending you have TTW installed.

Step 3: If opponent is not playing a deck that scores 7 behind ice draw into the shaper no-fun holy trinity. All the cool decks die to Clot+Caldera+Misdirection. All you lose to now is Drago+Boom so run double advanced stuff. Pinhole helps with this one.

Step 4: We have 6 click turns endgame with Beth and Jak so it is easy to DD through anything if you have been caring for turtle and boat. DJ into Steve is a third copy of Clock, Pinhole, and DD so you have a lot of endgame pressure if you've controlled the board successfully.

Our breakers are bad but we are hoping not to install them because they aren't turtle and boat. They are for matchups where opponent has lots of ice and is at risk of locking you out so you don't lose by default.


21 Jul 2022 NtscapeNavigator

This is very similar to the deck I've been using and it's super fun. Have you grabbed sable with DJ Fenris yet? that's a fun thing to do.

Is pinhole targeting anything specifically?

21 Jul 2022 Baa Ram Wu

^^ im also on the Jak sinclair Dj Sable Train - fairly consistant 6-7 click turns in the mid-late game!

21 Jul 2022 CritHitd20

I've not gotten Sable yet but I can imagine games where it would be correct.

Pinhole is addressing Rashida, Skunkvoid, Drago, and Crisium primarily. I feel like in particular Drago is a threat that demands immediate response. But it stops early pressure without forcing you to rush out real breakers. It could be Career Fair if you find it isn't useful.

23 Jul 2022 GingercredMan

By order of the science minister this deck will be named SirDavidAttenboroughDeck.

23 Jul 2022 render787

"All you lose to now is Drago+Boom so run double advanced stuff. Pinhole helps with this one." But what if it's Chekist Scion?

23 Jul 2022 CritHitd20

Then you Misdirection away the tags. :)

26 Jul 2022 Bilby

turtles and boats need lots of love and attention to flourish