Big Bag of Everything - 1st at Hacking Christmas

Saan 3110

Parasite is here to save Shapers. I mean, it probably does more for Anarchs, but did they really need the help? Nah. Shapers did though!

I say that Parasite is here to save them, but man, Indexing helps a bunch too. Ooh, ooh, and Cerberus! Oh man, and how about Cache? Really, the best part is that you get to play EVERYTHING.

Anyhow, this is what I made to bring to the for-fun-only Hacking Christmas event that 5N00P1 made for those of us with nothing better to do for 3 rounds on the 26th. The deck felt very comfortable vs everything. You play amazing breakers, tons of money, and every program under the sun, with enough MU to not feel too bad about life. You don't get a console, but you get 3 Memchips, and that's... something? I mostly sold the second and third copies to Aesop's, but I was rarely sad seeing them, especially since Engolo is such an MU hog. At the last minute, I threw in a 3rd SMC, bringing the deck to 46 cards. Thinking about that now, honestly, an Akamatsu could be taken out, but meh. Seeing one early affords you a lot of leeway with what you can install.

Especially with Parasite, you really want to try and manage your Simulchips carefully, and make sure that you have a program that you don't mind trashing so that you can recur (usually) the Parasite or Imp. If you can plan ahead, save a program to Aesop's on the turn you plan on using a Simulchip. You get to play all 3 Caches and still have 2 Harbingers, so this is easier than ever.

Because of Parasite, I found myself searching for Datasucker fairly early with the SMC, and making empty Archives runs to charge it up, and it never felt like a bad idea. At the very least, it makes breaking cheaper. At it's best, it'll help murder some ICE.

Hayley might be rotating out, if she doesn't get saved in the next Core. This deck feels like a great goodbye to the best Shaper since Kate.

27 Dec 2020 Kobayashi

Thanks for sharing! Hayley is such a paragon of Shaper's style, it would be quite sad to rotate her :(

27 Dec 2020 5N00P1

I agree Indexing is an important card for Shaper (& others) having turn 1 pressure is huge and bumping up to 2, 3 or 4 points too. Let's see where the meta will bring us.

28 Dec 2020 Longi

And so the forgotten Shapers rise to power once again. All the tools they got back seem to be a bit much for my liking but we will see. Anyway, congrats on your performance;)

28 Dec 2020 tzeentchling

TBH this seems like the ideal shaper list for Salvaged Memories. It's hard to see any serious improvements and the power level feels high.

30 Dec 2020 Saan

@tzeentchlingQuite the compliment, thank you very much =)