Revenge Of The Curry Mk 1.0 High Tide Games SC

zengoshugoju 24

This was a lot of fun to play, made for interesting decisions on the part of both players. Was a little nervous about #Film Critic, as decktesting with the crew had shown that was a hard counter to almost all my flatlines. Slotted Voter Intimidation and hoped for the best!

During my pre-Tournament jitters the night before, almost scrapped the Agenda build to switch up the obvious include but smartened up and stuck with what had worked in testing. Last-minute include of a Chiyashi because I was certain someone would be running the DurdleTurtle.

RND 1 vs EphinAntz: Great start to the SC, as my spikey HQ flatlines his supersmooth Geist when he mistimes a run through a Kakugo and fails to trash to draw back up. We switch and grind out a draw when neither deck gets its pieces out in any semblance of an engine.

RND 2 vs Tracer: Traditionally my toughest matchup as he likes to netdeck, so while I can just scan NRDB to see what's the new hotness and eliminate the element of surprise, it's usually a pretty tough deck so kind of evens out. Lately he's been copying more interesting decks so this has turned into a fun matchup. The curry is spicy again in this one, and by the time we are at halfway it's obvious his Apoc Nasir has used up its tricks and he concedes to get a chance with new decks. His Argus gets stymied by my Apex but he plays it out well and stalls me long enough to score the tying Agenda points on his last turn as we hit time. Great games! DNA Tracker is a nasty piece of work and swung the first game hard.

RND 3 vs Weasel: my opponent gets a great start with his NEXT Design, ice everywhere, but my Runner deck is hitting a groove and rolls to a win. We switch and he doesn't make the mental shift to my ID...#Severnius Stim Implant runs him into my R&D and a fantastic Breached Dome / Snare! combo. Second flatline of the day, and now both centrals have been blooded.

RND 4 vs Swannigan: Final round sees me match up with my main decktesting partner, great way to decide the SC. He rolls out in style with his BP Valencia build, all the pieces he wants to see right off the bat...but forgets the critical card count and runs R&D to get a Turtle token. Topdecks a Snare! and we are onto our next game. Not the way I wanted it to go and we chat for a bit before we shuffle and go. His space ice Gagarin gave me fits all testing but he rolls snake eyes again when I #Endless Hunger his Utopia Fragment. Weird end to the day but he still enjoyed his first Netrunner tournament and I'm glad it was us in the end.

The deck did well. I wouldn't say it carried my Runner, but it did get me 12 of 19 points with 3 flatlines. I never got the Dedicated Neural Net flatline I originally envisioned when cooking this deck up, but it was strong overall with three distinct lines of play for the flatline win. A lot of fun and couldn't have done it without my crew, the testing and bs sessions really payed off for all of us.