Super Happy Fast NBN

BobAloVskI 333


This deck was inspired from The Flash Wears Yellow. It is a simple concept but very effective. < < Check it out in the derived from section < <

If you do not already know (or have not worked it out yet) the deck's stratergy, it is to get a heap of credits, Midseasons the runner with many tags and then Psychographics your agendas out.


After playing the original deck as is, I felt that the way I piloted it it was susceptable to R&D lock with medium or a couple of RDIs. To combat this I have made a few changes.

MAKING NEWS: Firstly, the ID. Because I needed to add cards to cater for the R&D lock, I had to choose between Making News and NEH. I chose the former because the deck does not have many targets you can make use of NEH's ability and I did not need the extra influence. I then built around the Making News ability as I will talk about below.

CYBERDEX VIRUS SUITE: I made this a 1-of to combat against deep Medium digs. It is tech against Clot as well but the runner will generally have a way to recur Clot but I believe the first point is more than strong enough to warrant its inclusion.

SANSAN CITY GRID: I added two of these to slow the runner down. If you put one in a remote the runner will most likely trash it giving you a reverse Restructure on credit difference (and costing the runner a click). If they do not trash it, wait until you get an Astro and fast advance it out. This will obvisouly set you back in economy but (after scoring the next Astro/Beale out of hand) you will only need three more agenda points which can be done with only five tags on the runner and a Beale. Plus they still need to trash the SanSan or you can just fast advance even more agendas.

MANHUNT: This has been put in there to slow the runner down. With Making News' ability, it will cost them four credits to avoid a tag. Or they can remove the tag normally which still slows the runner down considerably.

ELI 1.0: I added two Eli 1.0s in because it is a very strong piece of ICE even with Lady around.

ICHI 1.0: Two Ichis are in there because people often do not expect it. They expect Data Raven and do not mind bumping off it but Ichi can wreck a runner's day. The trace subroutine is a nice little bonus too. Even with a Mimic and Net-Ready Eyes or datasuckers, it still costs the runner three to break everytime.

TROLL: This is a great piece of ICE. At the very worst (against a runner with link and you already have spent your recurring credits) it is a one for one trade. If you have your recurring credits you can bump the trace but the runner will probably just lose the click (which they will probably do even with only having to pay two). But this happens everytime they encounter Troll. I liken it to a Pup that cannot be as easily Parasited away. No breaker will help them with this. They will get traced every time they encounter it.

MARKET RESEARCH: I needed another two agenda points and it fits the theme of Psychographics but I am yet to score this but it has not been a liability either.


GREEN LEVEL CLEARANCE: I removed only one because I felt I needed one more ICE. This seemed to be the weakest economy card in the deck.

CORPORATE SHUFFLE: This did helped me a couple of times but more often than not I would chuck it because I had the Midseasons and Psychographics in hand and did not want to lose them.

ERRAND BOY: I cut the Errand Boys because I have the Ichis in there for a medium cost Sentry. What I found with them is that they usually only fired once early to mid game. The did slow the runner down but usually just got parasited away too often (I seemed to have played a bunch or Anarch). I could live with slowing the runner down like this but the nail in the coffin was the fact that Errand Boy does not deter runners from those multiple accesses once Midseasons has been fired - they can get through with zero credits.

WRAPAROUND AND QUANDARY: I only removed one of each of these solely to make room for other ICE - they are still great gear check pieces of ICE.


DATA RAVEN: I mentioned before that this card can really slow a runner down but I do not like it because once Midseasons hits, the runner just runs on through it.

CLOSED ACCOUNTS: This would be great tag punishment if a runner gets careless and ends with a tag on last click. I also would really to screw a runner after the Midseasons but that it often a win-more case. Just not sure what to cut for it.


INFLUENCE: I am also unsure of what to do with my last influence. It was a Green Level but I removed it for another ICE but I am happy to hear suggestions because I know this deck is not perfect. Even just feedback in general is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read!