Captain Apex - Top Ranked Apex at Worlds 2022

Bazza 66

Worlds 2022

Install Aesop's face down and flip it with Assimilator to make money for free. Boat is good. Hope the game lasts long enough for breakers to do you some good. No Apoc.

2 wins, 4 losses at Worlds 2022. Apex: the people's champion.


10 Oct 2022 hurr_lee

Love this! Congrats on the deck and finish. It was really nice meeting you during the Startup tourney.

10 Oct 2022 Bazza

Thanks man, same. So many amazing people and great games. Hope to see you at Worlds 2023!

10 Oct 2022 Diogene

2 wins with an Apex deck at World 2022 with most players bringing their best decks! That is huge. Congratulation. I wish we faced off. The idea of using Apex as a 3 creds a turn engine is genius. Which deck did you face and how did the deck feel against all those corps? Cheers!

10 Oct 2022 Bazza

IIRC my losses were to Sports & PD (went too fast) and CTM (I stole 5 or 6 agenda points before they boomed me). Both wins were vs PE. The engine is really solid and boat gives you good options but it is a lot slower than how most corps want to run. In retrospect I think it would be interesting to take both Heartbeat and Endurance and then you can go with the console that's better for your matchup.

11 Oct 2022 mcg

Teching against the AgInfusion list. Love it ;)

16 Oct 2022 Rhaplanca1001

crying at my realization that you can't Assimilator boat into play because it doesn't get its power counters unless it's "installed". v.v;

5 Nov 2022 nismorack

Took this deck to Dutch Nats. Won 2 games out of four. Once the engine gets going you have a looot of money. Thanks for the list.