One of Us Will Be Famous

Owen 63

This deck is meant to be a quick-building shaper that can reliably start getting into servers quickly.

I brought this to the Colorado regionals, and it was 3-2 in the Swiss but with 2 losses in the top 8. The last loss could've been a win but for pilot error on my part. It's fast enough to compete with the likes of Titan, and rich/tough enough to take on more glaciery or murdery Corp decks.

Mining Accident was handy here, either slowing the corp down or helping me run faster, but Equivocation ended up being a standout. It's theoretically decent for dodging traps, but against a rush deck with weak ice, it lets you dig deep for agendas. Maya combos well with Equivocation too; in a couple of games I had runs where I made the corp draw one, put a second on the bottom, and ran again for more. More multiaccess would not go amiss, though.

Some folks suggested using Citadel Sanctuary (and potentially Power Tap) to better use the Maya tag. I think that's a decent option, along with some drip econ. I'd also consider CBI Raid, to add a bunch of cards to HQ and then put them back on R&D, giving me more time to build up.

18 Jun 2018 gammanet

why caldera over feedback filter? is brain damage that prevalent?

18 Jun 2018 Owen

Feedback Filter would work as well in most matchups. Shell-game Jinteki PE often uses 3 Cerebral Overwriter, and I prefer having a prevention method that doesn't trash itself in cases like that.

18 Jun 2018 jase2224

@gammanetWe have a local PE player that loves to hit us with brain damage, so the Caldera over Feedback Filter is the right call for decks in Colorado :)

24 Jun 2018 RepoRogue

I'm so excited that you made 6th at our regionals with this deck! I love the Mining Accidents, that's just a brilliant splash.

25 Jun 2018 Owen

`@RepoRogue, thanks! I enjoyed our game and I'm glad you came down.

I feel like Shaper's challenge is going fast enough, and Mining Accident either makes the corp slower or means I have less prep to do before runs.