Black File +45 (1st at OTG Champs)

CritHitd20 6121

Here are all of the combos the deck has with Black File:

-You can bottom it with Paragon. -You can bottom it with The Class Act. -Using your draw cards of Earthrise Hotel, Diesel, and Deuces Wild you can discard it due to overdraw. -You can play it in the grand finals after stealing a Vacheron in order to lock 1st place and fuck up the joke you were gonna make for the deck.

Black File was an invention of Chris F. to my knowledge, and I slotted it as a concession to the usage of Vacheron in Sportsmetal, which I never ran into. I added it last second and forgot to make a cut, which meant I was playing 46 cards; I wish I had cut a Casts had I realized the error. Other includes such as Paragon over Pennyshaver and the Docklands are out of respect of Acme, which I consider the best corp in the state of the current meta. The rest of the deck is Jonas's 419 with minor changes that make it worse for reasons he can explain better than me. The deck has good but not insane matchups vs everything except Sports, but it's not miserable if you are familiar with the deck and time your Doofs.

Since 419 is so established I'll take the time here to express how overwhelmed I feel. I've been playing since 2016 and have never won a Store Championship, so this W means a lot to me. Everyone was playing fantastic and I felt like I had to really earn this one. Thank you to Snarebears for allowing me to test with them, thank you to all of the TOs and casters that made OTG possible, and thank you to all of my opponents: Jason, Alexis, Cortez, Melvin, Ian, Andries, and Kris. I didn't need to look any of you up to remember the games, and I expect they will stick with me for a while.

Deck went 3-1 in Swiss and 2-0 in the cut, beating 3 Seamless PDs, 1 Keegan Acme, and 1 Outfit, losing in round 1 to Jason's PD (got redemption in top 8!). 419 is good, ban Rezeki, etc.

14 Sep 2021 analyzechris

You played like an absolute beast. Well deserved!