Tenure Track (15th at Charity Gift 4)

Espatier 73

The second half of my Charity Gift 4 IDs, this deck went through a few distinct iterations before I settled on this one. The biggest decision was how on earth to spend one influence when Rebirth was banned. Massive thanks to the York testing coven for helping me out.

It's pretty standard Reavershop, and if it gets set up then it's a weird Rube Goldberg of a deck that has won LITERALLY games. Plural. It won three at CG, against some extremely patient and sporting opponents (It also lost five against similarly patient and sporting opponents, but hey, let's focus on what's important here).

This thing is a toolbox, and a lot of cards will be useless in any given matchup. However, everything's worth three credits to Aesop and a card to his hungry Tamagotchi.

There's not much I can say about it that hasn't been said much better in other Reavershop deck descriptions/playthroughs. It was a weird one to build, an interesting and actually pretty fun challenge to play, and it has ensured that I will not be playing Shaper again for a long time.

Once again, huge thanks to Rich and Cathy for a superb tournament. Roll on next year!