YAY I can play Mushin again (RAM 2 Wins, 1 draw, 1 Loss)

Cliquil 1162

alt text

I was thrilled to be able to play Mushin again in the first RAM tournament so I did.

Ultimately I think there were far better possibilities of corp decks out there; I think the amount of Jinteki 3/2s and some fast advance tools might have been the way, or just play solid MTI like the smart winner of the tournament did.

This deck performed solidly though winning 2 games and getting darn close in a couple of others; In Game 1 it list when I used Show of Foce to hit a Shaper on 2 cards in hand, but both were neutral so the surprise Storgotic Resonator could not fire. Still got a draw In Game 3 I wrongly read my opponent, and in retrospect I should have noticed their willingness to run advanced, so mushined a philotic where Plan B was the correct call.

In other places it won off a Mad Dashed Psychic Field I mushined out (I did have the Show of Force ready), and won a game with a Show of Force following a Psychic Field.

Thanks to all who came up with this format and helped run, as well as my opponents.