Sindarin 173

Because this deck submarined hard.

I started American Conts by going 0-4, got a bottom table bye, then went 5-0 to round out the day, finishing 6-4.

This deck is fun, can go fast, can durdle if needed, and also, Cohort is a busted card. It adds to Wage Workers and Seamless Launch as ways of scoring your agendas.

2x Spin sucks, but SkunkVoid is still an incredibly strong closer, Cohort rocks, and you still need at least 1 Mavirus. The Corporate Hospitality is there to help mitigate that.

Kickflip of the day? A runner on their last click tanks a Drafter in order to trash the Wage Workers behind it. I use the Drafter to install a Cohort Guidance Program from Archives, and a new ICE protecting it, trashing the existing ICE. This lets me do a Cohort advance on my next turn, then Seamless Launch and advance, advance, to score the winning Ikawah

Long story short, Asa is a lot of fun, and I'll miss it lots when Dawn comes around.

2 Jun 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

That’s a 🔥 kickflip