The Tao of Running [Gateway Only]

Alecthar 30

A beginner-friendly Shaper deck built from cards available in System Gateway. I played this in a small beginner's tournament in Brussels, Belgium, and won exactly half of my runner games with the deck.

As an SG-only example of the strengths of Shaper, I think the deck does a fairly adequate job. DZMZ Optimizer makes building your rig a bit cheaper, along with providing extra MU to expand it. The deck lacks consistent economy outside of Telework Contract, but the SG cardpool is so limited in general that it's not that punishing. You do the basic Shaper things: build a strong rig that allows you to break ICE, and access servers. If in doubt as to which server, Conduit is there for you. Leech and Tranquilizer help out.

If I had to do it again, I might find room for Botulus instead of Tranquilizer and Leech. It's a heavy investment, but it's such an excellent problem-solver. It was the primary difference maker in multiple games that I lost as Corp at the same tournament where I played this deck.