The best Seidr I have ever played GNK 3-1, almost 4-0

Cucin 242

Do you like HB? . Do you like Seidr. Do you like upgrades, Do you like watching runner as he is reading text on your cards with surprise?:-)

There is not common deck for you.

I myself am player who play rather own created deck with not common cards over strong decks created by the best players. I like HB the most. I like corporation with nice abilities and from all cards I like upgrades the most. Yeah that almost leads to fact that I am not so strong at competitive scene but latest GNK Diversified Portfolio suited well for my plan and it was fun as always. Despite I didn’t finish at top while my runner was not so good, I have won with this corporation deck three times and my only lost was due to my big deckpilot mistake.

After playing almost 500 games on jnet with just this ID, I have created this deck which I think is the best I have created so far. It´s even good against strong runners like Leela .

Its kind of semi asset spam combinated with many upgrades to protect those assets. For runner is pretty hard to trash all assets and upgrades together. Meanwhile runner trashes your good protected cards or do some serious mistake (due to bad decision because he doesn´t know well such uncommon deck), you are despite of that fact often richer than runner. For example when he wants to trash your economic asset on his first, second or third click, you can before trashing rezz your Ronald Five and that trashed card take back to R&D, or at least delay runner and force him to spent another click and run again to trash that your economic asset on his last click. I will not subscribe common cards like Jeeves or MCA Austerity Policy. Those strong cards enable you to score agendas from hand (just protect those assets not only with upgrades but also with one nice “expensive to break” ice and then protect with ice also HQ and that´s it, you can score from hand when time comes. Biotic labor can also help. I will subscribe not so common cards. For example Tempus is great card for this ID, it can fire almost from everywhere, even if it´s not installed. It trigger your ID ability more than you think (because runner is often very poor). Warroid Tracker is cool upgrade to protect your assets or other upgrades like Tempus, or Mumbad Virtual Tour, and when you have at server two Warroid Trackers or Oaktown Grid it´s fun for you for sure. But yeah not for runner. It´s great card also against Stargate. Other unusual card is Manta Grid, which I install together with Ronald Five or also with Mumbad Virtual Tour. The latest word can be dedicated to ices. I have only 8 but that’s enough. Many of them are expensive to rez, but you can very often afford it. Tyr and Chiyashi are beasts, together with Ganked it can ruin runner again. Overall I think it´s very solid deck, funny for corp but not so funny (even often very annoying) for runner. It has of course some disadvantages against Apocalypse, against Hactivist Meeting (which I didn´t see much to play now), against Khumalo, and also against runner´s which uses many silver bullets against classic asset spam (cards like Miss Bones and so on). It depends on your meta.

You can try also change some cards according to your meta for example add Hellion Beta Test, or Scapenet. or even Snare

Thanks for reading. Any response or advice is welcome.

Thanks Longi and Krasty for organization of such good tournament. I wish we would meet each other personally but I am glad that this tournament come at least on jnet platform..

My last wishes (dream) is to Nisei will come and created also some (at least one or two cards) suited well for not so strong ID like Seidr Laboratories: Destiny Defined . It would increased variability for competitive playing for sure.. Or at least take back card like Strong box or Tapestry.

20 Mar 2020 Longi

Hey man, I see you evolved the deck into a beautiful beast;) Kudos! It was really interesting and unpredictable game we had. And I am well aw I won only thanks to combination of your mistake and also my luck during last Hale Mary run. Keep up the good work!

20 Mar 2020 Cucin

Hi Longi, thanks for comment. Yuu have to have really some kind of special aura or what which causes that runner behave like greenhorne when he plays against you:-)

20 Mar 2020 valerian32

Cool deck! I like that's different from usual!

20 Mar 2020 @Bookkeeper

Respect for the labour of love in this deckbuilding :) Especially when it's the love for unpopular IDs and factions.

20 Mar 2020 Cucin

Thanks Valerian32 and @Bookkeeper for such words.

20 Mar 2020 Japoco

Played against this online - can attest to it being brutal to play against (but really fun and interesting to see it do it’s thing as it set up)

Great deckbuilding effort!

12 Apr 2020 Skippan

If I wanted to adapt the deck to Snapshot Plus, what do you recommend for replacing Tyr and Ganked?

Strongbox, Tapestry, Mason Bellamy, et al. from TD, Lunar, C&C would be available

14 Apr 2020 Cucin

Hi Skippan, instead of Tyr I would try Heimdall 2.0, or Next Diamond (so big ice for another big ice - but Tyr from all of those 3 is the best) . But try also Tapestry it´s good ice for Seidr (I think good to place it to server wher manta grid would be installed).

Ganked should be replaced by Code replicator. You can try also one Strongbox. I don´t recommend Mason Bellamy, because you don´t have lot of ice instaled in one server. But first card which should be in deck in Snapshot Plus format would be Enhanced Login Protocol.