O Valencia!

tmoiynmwg 6265

@bblum and I took this Patchwork Val deck to Magnum Opus. We both had decidedly less-than-stellar records with it, although there were multiple timed losses involved. I still think the list is strong and well-rounded, but perhaps a few extra icebreakers would go a long way.

Card notes:

  • Guinea Pig: at US nationals @joseki mentioned this card to me as a potential sleeper from Reign and Reverie. It is clunky to use, but can pack a lot of value in conjunction with conspiracy breakers, Patchwork, and Earthrise Hotel. In the right situation it is a 1-click Liberated Account.
  • Hippo: I think Hippo was quite good, but @bblum played a Forked in this slot.
  • Ice Carver: there's some awkward anti-synergy with D4v1d, but Ice Carver is still important to have against News Hound and Fairchild 3.0.
  • No One Home / Political Operative: these are flexible tech cards for various corp win conditions. We were worried about Ronin + Dedication Ceremony, for example.

I didn't quite practice enough to play this deck optimally and barely missed making the cut to day 2. Sorry to let my fans down! But I still had a blast competing at my final worlds championship, which really felt extra special. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who hung out with me and everyone who was rooting for me from home. Y'all are truly wonderful.

So long, farewell!

13 Sep 2018 SpiderMurphy

Lots of us rooting for you, yes, but you didn't let anybody down, Timmy! Thanks for all of the great games and decks!