Fast and Loose Security (Top Cut in SOCR8)

RB 15

I'm not very good at playing smart or efficient corp, and I am often more risky and aggressive than I should be. So I thought why not build a deck that capitalizes on my strengths, and tries to shore up my weakness.

I built this deck with the idea of playing fast and forcing the runners hand at times where I had a good chance of causing harm to the runner. I decided to just go light on ice so I could focus on board state and tempo play's.

My favorite moment of this deck was the final round before the cut; my opponent ran R&D through a Data Raven, I rezzed 2 DRP's and then they hit a Snare on top of that.

This deck went 5/1 in Swiss and carried me into the 1st round of the Cut where I lost 2-1 to a very patient and careful Liza deck driven by SolemnStorm. Congratulations to SolemnStorm (we faced in Swiss and the Cut for a total of 5 matches) for advancing and playing very well!