Ananasi Vámpírpüré (Bratislava regionals 2nd place)

Flekk 139

I went overall 2nd in the regionals of Bratislava with this deck, placing 1st in swiss. My runner deck being:

In case you were wondering, the deck name is an illterate hungarian version of this VtES card: alt text

(also anansi-related and sneaky like the way I use this deck :D)

What does ths deck do other than other MTI's? Well, it adds a layer of mind games besides being tricky with MTI's abilty. If the runner hits an early C.O., he's probably toast. If he doesn't run at all, you can go crazy with the scoring. Also if they trash a C.O. from deck or hand you can disguise further agendas as failed ambush attempts. So basically you do proper jinteki stuff instead of playing lame glacier.

Clan vengeance is a pain in the ass right now, and it is hard to play around it but it is manageable and it should not affect you dealing those sweet brain damages, since they collect counters in a few turns anyway. However I managed to lose (only) to CV in the gf while slightly flooding and f*cked up a little in the runner game costing me the championship.

Some things worth considering:

  • second preemptive in case CV+Zero will remain a thing in the future (I hope not)

  • 1 point of influence left, in prev. iteration I played Nerine 2.0 instead of the 3rd overwriter, but it was ass...

  • Data loop is really good but it's very expensive dropping one of those and inserting something disgusting is probably a good idea