Direct W (Stimhack CR Online 2, 8th)

WildSam 50

That's Weyland. It builds servers of ICE (and, sometimes, upgrades). It plays operations (sometimes via upgrades) to develop board and hinder the Runner. Is scores agendas (but sometimes those are bluffed upgrades). If runners get too far Weyland kills them (no, Prisec, this time without upgrades).

It's direct and simple. Brick of corporate playstyles. Latest cycles and TD bring many interesting (yet simple) cards which empower basic Weyland gameplay, so I wanted to try it out.

It's satisfactiry in the way Core-only games are - no bullshit, just fair and square Netrunner with emphasis on RUN.

Also it was meta-call: our tourney was supposed to be hit by rotation (losing whole Flashpoint for some not-entirely-spoiled Red Sands and may be unknown Cycle) and I thought it's good idea to have deck which doesn't rely on specific cards and Core-centered.

I was wrong.

Deck is pretty straightforward, but couple of things to note:

As usual, we don't go heavy on kill: Scorches are the incentive to not float tags, to score News Teams, to keep extra clicks and money for detag, to draw up to 4+. They are scarecrows and do most of their job by simply existing.

Audacities mitigate classic Weyland problem of closing the game with NAble 4/2s. (With 8 bluffable cards it's decent attack angle)

News Teams and GFIs (brought to you by blessed curse of bad big box) mean you win with 3 agendas and you opponents with 4 (or even 5!). That indirectly enables risky rush moves or lategame bluffs.

News Hound is the MWP people forgot about: 2 to rez, ~5 to break, facecheck punishing, ETR. Extra cost of Current gets mitigated by Scarcity alone: impactful (if not outright scary) in most matchups, cheap, inf-free current.

Miraju is my pet card (was 2 initially) which goes great with rushy W strategy of marginally ICEd HQ. I think 1 credit swing in exchange for click (naked Miraju case) is actually still pretty bad for Runner. And nonbroken Miraju turns HQ accesses into pure tempo and filtering for you!

1-of Bean is great for turn 1 stability and jumping into Scorch range later.

I don't feel deck is particularly strong, but was quite interesting to play.