Save the last waltz for me

lukevanryn 276

Going into Worlds, I was determined to give Leela one last spin before she rotated out. I'd looked at a few different lists, and made a few tweaks to QVM's intercontinentals list to bring this together. She went 4-3 on the day. Considering the amount of Jinteki glacier in the field, I think the Bonezeki-style lists were ultimately a better pick.

14 Oct 2020 tonybluehose

Turntable Leela is excellent; is there room for Rezeki and Turntable?

11 Nov 2020 lukevanryn

Hi tony, there are a few lists here that run both (Boreira has a good example), but the influence cost on turntable means you need to be comfortable not seeing it. The absence of Aumakua here also means you need a fuller rig and have less room for Rezekis. More recently I'm playing 2-3 paragons instead (the value of aumakua might be increasing since worlds too).