Corroder is a crutch

Zerothmaxima 122

Corroder is way too influence heavy, and you lose to Kakugo. I've never seen a more obvious way to pack in more bad cards like Deuces and PIoT in without losing anything of value.

If i had to do it over again i'd probably cut the Daily Casts, they are just dead weight when most matches will have a scarcity turn 1.

Anyways i'm very good at netrunner and this deck squeeked out one whole win, so that's something.

23 May 2020 goodknite

The Alberta Smoke Meta seems to be the new norm.

23 May 2020 Zerothmaxima

Smoke em' while you got em' right?

24 May 2020 yads

I need to find a new runner deck. Maybe I'll go back to my first love: Criminal.