Modern Major Jameral

Espatier 73

This is a deck based on a deck that was based on TheBigBoy's old Teaching/Learning Jinteki deck. It's a glacier which taxes cards instead of money, and it has zero time for Film Critic and Security Nexus.

It likes to rush in the early game, with plenty of spiky and gearchecky ice to score behind (Komainu becomes a sort of pricey gearcheck for scoring with PE's ability). Usually it ends up transitioning to a glacier in the late game, with a nasty Kakugo/Data Loop/DNA Tracker/Komainu sort of a server. It often takes your opponent 4-7 net damage to steal something if you manage to get set up.

Biotic lets you quickly get to the point where your opponent has to run anything you put in the remote, and there's plenty to put in there. Neural EMP and Archived Memories gives you a wincon if your opponent ends their turn on a single card.

Twice, I've won games by rezzing Cyberdex to purge Aumakua just before my opponent hit Komainu. There's then a paid ability window (2.1/4.1) before they have the chance to jack out, and this lets you hit them with a House of Knives token. Fair warning: doing this makes you feel like a dirtbag.

It needs more money. The next incarnation will try dropping the Scarcities for the third NGO, and possibly for two Lateral Growth. I'm hoping this will let the deck stay pacy while still keeping the money coming in. I'd love to hear alternative suggestions of what to do with that spare influence!

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