Austere Infusion - 2nd Euros Cache Refresh 2018

postis 290

I played this deck only twice on the day, both in the cut. It had the dubious honor of losing me the finals, for a total record of 1-1 over the whole tournament. Cache Refresh is funny that way.

This deck was mainly me taking the opportunity to try viral weaponization. I thought I might be able to prey on the unstable cache refresh meta with an aggressive tempo deck. Both matches ended up being pretty draw-out affairs though.

Because of the limited sample size, there isn't that much to say really. The deck gets money and scores agendas behind disgusting ice. Viral seems nice enough, and might be good for real if a proper home is found for it. Austerity Policy is still good, who'd have thunk it.

The real star of the show was Freedom though, and I would have tried to bid for that, except I had already lost twice with it against Rufus' PE and was in the mood to try something different.