Tropical Jinteki

Nagnazul 157

Iceless Jinteki. Your agendas exist as speed-bumps for the runner; any agenda you can score helps you set up a flatline kill. You will virtually never get to 7 points; Scorch and EMP are how you win.

3 Dec 2014 Dydra

Really shit deck. You've said " Account Siphone is bad news for you, Keyhole and Indexing are obviously bad news for you. Deus EX, Feedback Filter and Plascretes are bad news for you ... " ...

Well guess what you've just mentioned 6 or 7 from the 10 most used cards that deck are built around.

This deck might seem like mission impossible to a bunch of noobs. and that's it... that's its limits.

1 Mar 2015 FetidCrow

I'm getting nervous just looking at it...