[Startup] Toro - 1st Austin Circuit Opener

lysander534 52

This is a slightly modified version of Diogene's Anarch Facile Startup -- I agreed that, while Imp is great, the support just is not there in Startup (factor in the ubiquity of Cyberdex Sandbox as well). And I have always wanted to see if I could get Carnivore to work. I figured maybe Buffer Drive would be enough support to mitigate the card attrition for using Carnivore, so I tweaked the influence a bit to put that combo in. In a pinch, Buffer Drive could be a 3rd Maker's or whatever I needed at the moment. I think one time on the day I used Buffer drive to get back a Buzzsaw I had pitched earlier when I wasn't confident I could find the second one in time.

I put in Light the Fire as the 41st card as I was worried about Skunkworks/Void, but on the day I never saw it/installed it.

I cut the Scrubbers because, barring an asset-heavy meta, unrestricted money is just always better. I did encounter an NEH on the day and Loup's rebate and the rest of the money in the deck was enough to keep pace long enough without the Scrubbers.

All in all the Carnivore ability did not do much, but it was fun to try out, and occasionally I could destroy a money operation or nasty ice before the Corp could make use of it.