NEXT and the city (3-1 @ Treasure of the Huns)

Odol 911

This is the deck that Matuszczak designed as a last farewell to the NEXT ice suite, enabled by the memories salvaged from the past. All I did was make it a little more greedy (VLC is an obvious 3 of, right?) and let Marcus Batty have some fun with the most golden ice since Gold Farmer.

HB glacier is not exactly my playstyle, but I absolutely loved the tempo that RLC/VLC/AAL grant, along with watching how my ice slowly grow into insanity as the games progressed.

Thanks Everyone for a fun event!

9 Jan 2021 Longi

Hey man, congrats on the 1st place. I see that you actually finished at least one game in the 4th round :) How good was NEXT Diamond?

9 Jan 2021 Odol

@Longi Thanks ! Did not manage to actually finish the game, but percomis had me on the ropes already and there was no way in the world I could win. I only rezzed NEXT Diamond once (for 5 credits, I believe), it was waaaaaaay too greedy to run 3 of, I feel like a Sapphire might have been better.

15 Jan 2021 tonybluehose

This is my kind of deck. I'm quite partial to glacier and to see it in Sportsmetal might be just the deck I've been looking for :)