NEH Fastro-biotics

mendax 886

17 Dec 2014 dtelad11

My most favorite Corp deck, ever :-) Word of caution: Eli 1.0 has been plummeting in popularity lately. Shaper is rising in popularity, riding on the efficiency of "Lady" (along with Scavenge/Clone Chip), and Criminals are including Datasucker + Parasite. I feel that this is the biggest detriment to the deck right now. Also, it seems that people are starting to figure out Architect, it was a great surprise when it first came out but now runners expect it and prepare accordingly - I am not convinced it's superior to a third Biotic Labor. Deck still awesome, of course, just not as consistent.

17 Dec 2014 mendax

In terms of pure results, I don't think this is my best deck any more - my deadcoats deck tends to score better. However, this has the advantage of both being very quick and also possible to play whilst completely braindead, two things that are very useful in swiss tournaments with strict time limits. There have been times when I've been left with only 15 minutes or so to play the corp game after facing off against a glacier, and this deck has been able to play in that time where deadcoats just couldn't.

I think that Architect is worth including largely because of DBS. That turns it into a must-break, as NEH will always have a way to trigger ID and thus DBS, and an untrashable 2-sub must break for 4 really isn't that bad.

More generally, Fastro-Biotic decks have become a victim of their own success - by being so prevalent runners have really started to tech against them, making compromises on glacier builds. However, as glacier builds become more common to take advantage of this I think it should all settle down into more of an equilibrium.