Turtle power - 41st at UK Nats

Terje 399

I believe this was highest placed Leela at UK Nats at 41st place. Pretty standard good stuff Crim with Ananas informant added for the asset spam matchup.

Went 3-4 on the day beating Titan FA, Replicating Perfection, and a Skorp, and losing to Personal Evolution, 2 x EtF Moons and AgInfusion.

Turtle + Ananas Informant were mvps vs RP along with Employee Strike, I think my opponen purged virus counters 3 or 4 times, but getting Turtle counter, plus 2 creds from Ananas and Despy for each run on remotes meant the tempo hit was minimal. Paid the blood price for two Obokatas in this game as Film Critic is for weaklings (aka slots problems). Turtle also won me the game against Skorp where my Inversificator was removed from game and my opponent tried scoring the winning agenda behind a Quandary with us on 5-5. Then I drew into Aumakua with my Earthrise for the win.

In the other wins Medium turned out to still be a Good card.