Mwanza Medtech (2nd @ Diversified Portfolio)

Lyon 25

Mwanza City Grid is great.

Annoying your opponent with both Snares and Breached Domes on centrals AND getting money for it (that you may or may not use for an HHN next turn)? Yes, please! Once you put un upgrade on a naked HQ, no-one even runs it anymore, it's great! :P

This deck is a spin-off of a Mwanza Palana deck I brought to Dutch nats the day before. It didn't do that well, but I loved piloting it, so I brought it again the day after (albeit in a slightly alternated form) for the Diversified Portfolio side event during which players were encouraged to play less than competitive IDs. Harmony Medtech was the most popular ID there, and for good reason! You can do some pretty funky shenanigans with a 44-card Corp deck with only 6 agendas.

The main idea is simply to install Mwanzas on HQ and R&D asap (backed up by a Prisec or 2), and use them to gain money and/or get kills. I played against 3 Nasirs, and Nasir needs a lot of time to set up, so I just scored out in those cases. As a matter of fact, 2 out of the 4 wins I got were simply scoring out.

As an alternate win condition to Snare! kills and straight-up scoring I decided to throw all of my influence into a classic Weyland/NBN kill combo of HHN into HPT, with a Zealous Judge and Consulting Visit thrown it. Works great! I ended up killing 2 Runners with HPT. I mean, who expects that in freaking Harmony Medtech?:P Zealous Judge is some neat tech here as well: just rez it after the Runner runs into a non-lethal Snare! or Prisec to rub some additional salt into the wound. ;p

Of course, there are a lot of weaknesses. Film Critic for one. Sadaka is meant as back-up on that front to get rid of them (slot your Fall Guys and Dummy Boxes, everyone!). Also, it's very well possible that the Runner simply accesses the agendas before all the nasty stuff. I got pretty lucky there on that front: I got quite a few DDMs thrown my way, with most of them fetching no agendas. Damage protection is also a thing.

All in all, I had a lot of fun with this deck. You can do so much dumb stuff with it. I would've liked to put in some advanceable traps and Kitsunes (which synergize nicely with Mwanza, as well), but I just couldn't find the space for them. Maybe (probably) in another iteration...;)

21 Oct 2018 Cpt_nice

This deck is brilliant and I love everything about it

22 Oct 2018 chaosof99

I just had the "pleasure" of playing against this deck on while playing Geist. Basically this deck let me build up my entire board without interference or goading me into runs. He had two upgrades each and R&D and HQ and since I knew Mwanza I was not about to run into those servers. The only run I made that game was once into Archives and that was solely beacause I was about to fire Levy AR Lab access.

After I was through my deck twice with Levy, had 20+ permanents on board and was solely clicking for credits any more, my opponent conceded, citing the game was "only solitaire anymore". Sorry, but if I sit on 65 credits and you don't construct a scoring remote, I'm not running a central with two upgrades or two breached domes in it.

Sorry to say, but this deck is not all that great.

23 Oct 2018 Lyon

@chaosof99 Yeah, Levy is a massive weakness to this deck. I was considering putting in Ark Lockdowns instead of the HHN-HPT package, but thought the latter would catch more people by surprise.

Geist is also a weakness of the deck because he can simply draw multiple cards mid-run, but I knew I wouldn't have to face him during the Diversified Portfolio event, so I could just ignore him.

In the end, I built this deck just for a casual side event, not to be overly competitive :p