Winning deck for Heroes World Store Championship- 12 people

smusher 120

Hello everyone and this is the winning decklist for the Heroes World Championships that was run on Saturday December 3rd 2016 at Markham Ontario. This deck is very similar to the deck that is on the hot page for Gagarin under Deep Space with some modifications for my playstyle.

Here is the copy of the runner deck that I was running for the same tournament:

It lost only one time during swiss and was undefeated when I played it during the top cut. Here is the tournament report:

Round 1 vs. Power Tap Andy Security Nexus (Opponent: Adam) WIN I knew this deck was around for some time, but all I needed to do was secure a big credit lead with a zealous judge hidden somewhere to rez once they were trying to get rid of the tags after a hard hitting news turn. It got to a long time for it to happen, but it involved a trace 85 from a SEA Source, followed by a closed accounts onto a hard hitting news. Then, the turn after I went and got consulting visit boom using Mumbad City Hall.

Round 2: Au Revoir Chaos Theory (Opponent: Peter) LOSS I know this deck is really bad for me because they pack so many copies of NACH and they make so much more money than I do because he can go ahead and run and trash the important cards and avoid tags from Manhunt and charge so many counters on the Turning Wheel in order to see enough agendas to win the game. It didn't help much better that when we started the first couple of turns, he installed a hyperdriver turn 1 with a bunch of diesels then later finding two hyperdrivers on turn 2 and setting up the combo right away with a bunch of self modifying codes.

Round 3: Good Stuff Whizzard (Opponent: Luke) WIN I know this matchup is really bad for me, but fortunately both of us needed to mulligan and I had an awesome hand while Luke didn't have much going on. I set up with a huge credit lead, then when he was hanging some tags around, I went ahead and had a rezzed Dedicated Response Team up alongside another copy of Dedicated Response Team hidden somewhere along 6 unrezzed assets. My opponent ended up installing a Temujin targeting HQ and started the run, I let him gain the 4 credits, then fired the trace from Manhunt, which triggered the tag to stick on him, and before the run was over, I rezzed the facedown Dedicated Response Team then proceeded to flatline him since he only had 3 cards in and and did not have a copy of I've Had Worse.

Round 4: Intentional draw with (Opponent: Dien Tran) Running another Power Tap Andy We ended up intentional drawing with each other to secure the top 2 spots going into the final cut.

Winners Semi Corp vs. Stealth Smoke (Opponent: Tim) WIN I had a great hand after mulliganing and my opponent had a solid start with a bunch of setup alongside an astrolabe so that he would draw everytime I set up a new server. Fortunately, he discarded his other copy of astrolabe in his hand to go into the heap, and when Tim was unable to remove the full 4 tags from hard hitting news, I consulting visited the Best Defence to destroy the Astrolabe hindering his ability to draw everytime i created a new server and trashed Beth so that Tim wasn't able to get 5 clicks. It ended up being a money war for a point when I played a Manhunt then got enough credits to win the trace and landed a Dedicated Response Team hitting his one copy of Levy AR Lab Access and proceeded to swarm him with tags with Zealous Judge until he had more than two tags so that I could fetch Boom! with Consulting Visit

Winners Finals vs. Palana Clone Retirement Archers (Opponent: Dien Tran) WIN Since I was playing Valencia, I had a really good matchup because I could just silence Caprice Nisei and Marcus Batty to nothing I was able to run and steal the crucial agendas. I also kept a high pressure against him once I blackmailed into R&D, stealing an agenda, then proceeded to En Passant the ICE and Dien was unable to find other ice in order to protect and I stole a bunch of agendas.

Grand Finals vs. Palana Clone Retirement Archers (Opponent: Dien Tran) WIN Sadly the grand finals match result came to being the same outcome as the winner's finals with a great setup with a bunch of Sure Gambles, Temujin runs and finding Wyldside and Adjusted Chronotype early and pressured ICE destruction with Blackmail En Passant.

If I could make some changes to the deck, I would try to fit one card slot for Executive Search firm because it's an alliance card that is tutorable with Mumbad City Hall that can find crucial characters and executives, such as Jackson Howard, Zealous Judge, Elizabeth Mills. Though I will need to do some more testing because the deck slots are really constricted. Thanks and any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

4 Dec 2016 gabriele

Great Deck! Really like it!

FIRST question: Why not dropping "Preemptive Action" for e.g. "Executive Search Firm"?

Maybe to have a backup to shuffle agendas from archives into RND back?

SECOND question:

Why not playing "Midseason"? Maybe because of "Film Critic"? Midseason would be so great... OK "Hard Hitting News" is nice anyway :).


4 Dec 2016 smusher

@gabriele These are some good suggestions but there are methods to this madness: I was currently running a copy of Preemptive Action because it is a tutorable operation through Consulting Visit and you kind of want to make the runner access and trash the Jackson if there isn't anything worthwhile to shuffle back into R&D. Also, I have run into situations where I lost all 3 Jacksons and 3 Museums one time and it was super awkward. The one reason why I don't want to be running MidSeasons Replacements because there is only 7 agendas in the deck, and sometimes of Film Critic they might not be stealing the agendas. Also, Hard Hitting News is cheap to play and gives 4 tags early and if they don't have 8 credits to shake them off then you could potentially kill them next turn.

4 Dec 2016 formerteen

only a true scum mastermind could brew and pilot something like this

4 Dec 2016 grimsleeper

Are you ever scoring the hostile takeover? Giving up a BP as gagarin seems like a bad idea.

4 Dec 2016 Mordeqai

Dead Space author here. Super happy to see my decklists doing well, and I agree with the Preemptive include. I'm glad a DRT version did so well, especially. Nice job!

5 Dec 2016 smusher

@grimsleeperthe bad pub isn't that bad because we can just get rid of it with Elizabeth Mills. @Mordeqai thanks. I have done very well with DRT