ClosDeLaRoche's Leela Romps Around Kansas City

Agasha 237

Deck is what ClosDeLaRoche took to GenCon, but with his suggested changes. See the OG deck here

Our meta is #deadgame and down to three people. So we did a round-robin style for our tournament.

Leela won against Outfit that was imitation Skorp - Batty and Trojan for rig-shooting, and Ark Lockdown to banish things forever. I stole a couple of agendas early, and bounced ice back from RD. I was down to the last click and had a bunch of bucks on Kati. Little did I know that that my opponent was going to Trojan Horse and Ark Lock my only decoder away, effectively locking me out of the game unless I took the bucks or won that turn. Because I am too aggressive for my own good, I ran RD last click, not even thinking about the Trojan menace. Luckily for me, there was an SDS on RD, and I trashed my own Engolo for the win. Lucky>Good, I guess.

The other game was against @Eldermason, who beat me with Argus. It seemed close, and I find a GFI in the trash on my last turn and should have run HQ with my Turning Wheel counters. Looking back, he dumped the Food so that he could make room for the Audacity -> Atlas for the win.

Proud of @BSNGNR and @ElderMason for helping keep the game alive. Thanks to ClosDeLaRoche for being my unknowing deck guru.

14 Oct 2019 ClosDeLaRoche


Leela is pretty great with Swift and Mystic Maemi ;)