Have you got anything more... Ultra? [Throwback]

lukevanryn 159

This is the deck I took to NBKelly's Throwback tournament on the weekend. As Omicron infections explode here in Australia, I was grateful for the opportunity to stay in and play cards online with friends. Check out Ginevra's stream for some of the replays!

I decided fairly early in the piece that I wanted to play Ultraviolet Clearance as my Corp Throwback. I had a ton of fun playing UVC when it was legal, especially in Sportsmetal lists like Maxey's Come on and Slam. In this list it plays a similar role to the banned-in-standard Violet Level Clearance: compressing a lot of clicks together for a high-efficiency game. On the day I only played UVC twice, but with Jeeves out it felt very very good. The games were all really fun, especially chatting live with each of my opponents over Discord.

A note on Throwback format

The format is a pretty intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. Throwback allows you to play (and face) cards from the entire cardpool, which can lead to some intense analysis-paralysis when deckbuilding. Fear of all the possible threats can lead to spiralling wildly around the cardpool, or staying home altogether. But a much less stressful approach (if less successful) is to just play a card that you want to play: perhaps it wasn't good on release, or you never got to play it, or the current cardpool allows a cool exploit.

I'd encourage anyone to take Rikki-Tikki-Tavi's advice.