Bestpex EUW (like 70th or something EACC)

Crowphie 151

this deck was sweet and more importantly proves I am the only Best and Greatest apex in both europe and africa at the same time.

some questions you might be asking yourself are:

  • shouldn't this deck have more than one breaker?
  • isn't this just hoshipko with a worse hippo and worse breakers?
  • wait if stargate is your only win condition and corps are already teching to be good against stargate because of sokka's horrible lat deck, doesn't that make the deck extremely fragile? and if people can blow up boat, which they are frequently able to do because of that lat deck, don't you instantly lose?

these are the wrong questions to be asking. the far more important part is that i won a game on stream with gachapon + reaver saving me from neurospike and vesper thought i was cool.

4 Sep 2022 Crowphie

okay, being slightly more serious for a moment, there are actually some minor merits to apex right now. any way to break 2 subs like boat or boomerang gets you through an FC3 easily thanks to apex's constant stream of cards to trash, and i genuinely think there's something vaguely playable here, like a strictly worse version of anarch (but closer than apex usually gets!). this deck, however, can't get through magnet without burning boats or boomerangs and that's kind of a big deal.

4 Sep 2022 wiriamu

As an Apex dabbler, I shouted “YES!” out loud when you pulled it off. Thanks for such a great game and for showing off the deck.