No Tributary? No Problem. (1st @ West Can Nats 2024)

Sokka 5247

It was a tight affair with a field of strong players at (west) Canadian Nationals in Calgary this weekend. It was hard work and a very long day but I managed to maintain my 100% nationals winrate (4/4).

East US Nationals in Boston (July 27-28) is next 👀

As always, it was so great to hang out with everyone there! Many I haven’t seen in a long time and many new people as well! Special mention to Scottish Dave (MooseMan) who played a brilliant tournament and made a highly competitive top 4 cut after only 2 months of playing the game!

Thanks to 0thmxma for running a great event and for a fun cube draft on the Sunday!

No Tributary? No Problem.

This AgInfusion list is an evolution of It's a new world.

The 2x Tributary became 1x Vampy and the 3rd copy of Seisentan.

From there, I wanted to tune a few things for the meta. World Tree Arissana and Turbine Hoshiko are both runners that you need to rush out. Anoetic Void seems necessary to get enough agendas scored in these matchups and is much better than Bio Vault for this purpose because there is simply no time to advance Bio-Vault. There are trade-offs of course such as weaker centrals during late game situations. This can be mitigated by generally scoring a little quicker than the earlier version. I'd love to have both but I didn't want to expend more slots because that weakens the early-game (both are dead cards in the early game).

2x Sprint can be good to help you rush but is an important card against aggressive runners such as Criminals and Esa where you want to be spending most of the game securing the board and not having to deal with agendas in hand. The card isn’t amazing but it’ll do because I was expecting a lot of runner aggression in this field.

On the runner side, probably to nobody’s surprise, I played Boring Deck. There were some very tight games with the Lat that I barely squeezed out. Man that deck is so fun.

As always, happy to answer any questions below.

Always Be Running.

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17 Jun 2024 IvanP

Congrats! How come you chose Aginfusion since in your stream you praised Asa (and PD) so highly?

17 Jun 2024 MooseMan

Hey @Sokka. Thanks for the call out! It was awesome to meet, and play against you. I had a great time and for my first event I am not sure it could have gone better. It was a really fun day and I truly appreciate all the advice you gave me. Congrats on the win!

17 Jun 2024 Supernaut

I was wondering how you managed to consistently have enough cards in hand to use aneotic safely. When I played the older version of the deck with bio vault I was often feeling I was struggling to want to hansei stuff away much less bin 2. Thanks great deck to play.

18 Jun 2024 Sokka

@IvanP this was a meta decision. I expected there to be a large variety of decks at this tournament rather than a few dominant runner IDs. Of this large variety, I expected a lot of aggression. If I had played in APAC online then I definitely would have played PD or Asa.

@Supernaut it’s important to control the agenda flow and limit the number of agendas in HQ in general (regardless of Anoetic or not). Whenever I jam an agenda, I usually only have 1 other agenda in HQ and never more than 2. You accomplish this by using Spin Doctor, Sprint, or starting to score earlier if too many agendas seem to be showing up. The defensive upgrade is meant to be a nail in the coffin. It is strong because the ice in front of the upgrade is strong. If the runner is able to run into your remote multiple times in one turn forcing you to trigger your defensive upgrade and that doesn’t wipe out their credits then the upgrade is not the problem (rather the problem is likely that the runner’s board developed much faster than the corp’s).

TLDR: you shouldn’t need to actually trigger Void too many times. In the 5 corp games I played in the tournament, I triggered Void a total of 2 times

25 Jun 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

"The card isn’t amazing but it’ll do"™️ 😉

Nice CanNats clench! Impressive!